eating & drinking

Let this selection of modern drinking and feeding bowls inspire you. Each item was designed specifically with the wellbeing of your cat in mind.



in collaboration with

cat behaviourist Anneleen Bru

designed in collaboration with

cat behaviourist Anneleen Bru

Play Video about A cat reaching its paw into the tallest bowl of the IGGY bowl. The bowl consists of a wooden base with three bowls. The bowls vary in height and diameter.


The enriched slow feeder IGGY is a beautiful designer food tray with three bowls in different heights. IGGY encourages your cat to eat in a playful way and will slow down its food intake, which is good for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Providing multiple feeding locations around the house with enriched food trays like the IGGY is good for your cat and helps to prevent boredom, stress and overweight.

The stylish artisanal ceramic bowls are placed on a wooden plate, which keeps them steady when your cat uses its paws while eating. The rubber protectors on the bottom prevents scratches on your floor and keeps IGGY in place.

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ACE is a large drinking bowl which is available in two sizes. Cats naturally do not drink easily because in the wild, they get enough hydration from eating live prey. So, an optimal water environment which encourages them to drink is very important for their wellbeing.

We love providing our cats with large low bowls like ACE which resemble small water puddles and which make sure their sensitive whiskers do not touch the edges!

ACE drinking bowls are made of high quality ceramics and are dishwasher safe. The rubber protectors on the bottom prevent scratches on your floor and keeps it in place.

ACE is available in two sizes and two colours.

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SUE is a slow feeder, available in three designs, “drop”, “dot”, “wave” and “maze”. Cats tend to eat 15-20 times a day for a few minutes, so every time we can stretch that to a longer feeding time, this is beneficial for your cat’s health and mental wellbeing. Cats need to hunt and spend time while eating their prey and we want to stimulate that behaviour.


The bowls are made of high quality ceramics which does not affect the food’s taste.


SUE is dishwasher proof. The rubber protectors on the bottom prevent scratches on your floor and keeps it in place.

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LEX is a studded silicone licking mat which prevents food-guzzling, boredom and offers a fun way for cats to use their tongue while eating wet food, kibble or snacks. Your cat enjoys its food for an extended time and the mat also has a calming effect.


The LEX mat has suction cups on the bottom so it stays in place on the floor. The silicone material is dishwasher safe.


The mat can be filled with paté or a liquid snack, and when put in the freezer, it is a lovely cold snack for your cat during warm weather.

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SUZY is a stylish snack mat for cats made of soft felt. Hide your cat’s favorite treats among the loops of the felt and let your cat enjoy a playful search for treats. Besides being an enrichment for your cat, SUZY also seamlessly fits into your interior. Suzy is equipped with a anti-slip bottom.

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JILL is a stylish cotton placemat with a waterproof bottom, which is available in the colors black and off-white. Many cats like to play with their water.

Does your cat make a big mess in your house when it eats or drinks? Place your cat’s water and food bowls on the waterproof & absorbing placemat to keep the floor clean & scratch-free.

JILL is available in two sizes and four colours. JILL is washable and compatible with all drinking & food bowls of the I love Happy Cats range, IGGY, ACE and SUE.

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Happy cats snacks

Our HAPPY CAT SNACKS are available in four flavours:

Chicken & Rabbit, Duck, Turkey and Beef.


Chewing is a part of our cats hunting routine and many cats don’t get to chew enough. These chewing snacks offer plenty of opportunity for munching and are also a powerful motivator. They have a meat content between 86% and 91%. Regularly rewarding your cat with these delicious treats contributes to their wellbeing, shows your love and strengthens the bond with your cat.


No added sugar and colourants.


Cats are solitary hunters and benefit enormously from a healthy, natural and safe way of eating.
So we put food down in different places around the house, far away from the water because that’s unnatural,
and we try to make our cat work for its food.

You can choose a combination of enrichment bowls IGGY, slow feeder SUE, snack mat SUZY or 
lick mat LEX. This makes dry food, wet food and snacks even more fun for your cat!

Regularly rewarding your cat with our delicious HAPPY CATS SNACKS contributes to your cat’s wellbeing,
shows your love and strengthens the bond with your cat. 


It’s very important to get the water supply right for cats as they do not naturally drink easily.
You can encourage water intake through drinking bowls tailored to your cat’s needs.

A high-quality large-diameter ceramic drinking bowl is ideal to encourage them to drink enough ACE, as their whiskers will not touch the edges.
Place the drinking bowl 30 cm from the wall so your cat can sit between the wall and the bowl, she’ll love that! 

Cats love to play with water, so an attractive matching placemat JILL to protect the floor is the perfect complement.