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A beautiful selection of fun and useful items for Happy Cat owners



in collaboration with

cat behaviourist Anneleen Bru

designed in collaboration with

cat behaviourist Anneleen Bru

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PHOEBE is a multifunctional transportbag for your cat. It is a catcarrier, house and bed/basket all-in one.

You can use the bottom part basket to let your cat get used to it without the link with an unpleasant event such as going to the vet. The bed can be taken out of the basket and is washable. The soft materials and round shape will make the cat feel safe.

PHOEBE has a handle at the top. The handy compartments at the back of the top part and front of the basket make this item complete. These are perfect to store your cat’s passport and medicines.

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MEGAN is a smart organizer for toys and grooming accessories. Perfect for travelling or at home. The pockets and compartments provide a suitable place for all items.


Place a cat toy with I ♥ Happy Cats HERB mix in the lockable pocket to allow the toy to absorb the scent. This will make the toy more attractive to your cat.

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Anneleen Bru takes you on a wonderfully pragmatic, yet down-to-earth journey through the intimate world of the domestic cat in our living room, with all it’s natural instincts and mysterious behaviors. This book offers insights into behaviors and also common misunderstandings. It’s full of tips and tricks to make your beloved cat a happy cat. 

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The HAPPY CAT SIGNS are a nice addition to any interior. The beautiful photos on the signs are combined with Happy Cat quotes. These are great to decorate your home with. The metal signs have small holes in the corners, so you can also hang them.


A transport bag which is safe and can be placed at home for convenience,
comfort and a positive association for the cat is important, both for cat and owner.
Our transportbag PHOEBE complies with this, the perfect choice for a pleasant and safe transport.


Cat signs let everyone know that there are one or more happy cats running around the house.
Fun signs with cute photos and cool quotes that hide a Happy Cats truth.
These HAPPY CATS signs will let everyone know that a real cat lover lives here!

A less nice addition to the interior are all those stray toys, which can be found everywhere.
To solve this problem we have designed a trendy toy organizer, MEGAN.
You can not only use it as a toy organizer, but it’s also great to organise the grooming-tools.


Anneleen Bru’s mission is to make cats happier.
She does this by providing as much fun, easy and science-based info as possible to cat lovers about their cat’s behaviour.
You can read all about it in the Happy Cats book!