hygiene & sanitary

A range of hygiene items meticulously designed according to the needs of your cat.



in collaboration with

cat behaviourist Anneleen Bru

designed in collaboration with

cat behaviourist Anneleen Bru

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Cat toilet DEAN is the ultimate cat toilet for happy cats. An optimal toilet is one of the most important ways to make your cat happy.

DEAN is a modern & minimalistic cat toilet with round edges, is big enough for your cats to freely turn around, has high edges for safety and an entry in the front. While using this toilet, your cat is able to keep an eye on it’s environment, making it a very safe place to use.

DEAN is also ideal for cats that urinate standing up.

DEAN has a flexible and beautiful design, easy-to-use handles and is made of 98% recycled plastic, BPA-free, making it non-toxic. All cats will love it so much!

DEAN is available in two colours!

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Microfiber mat DAISY is specially shaped to be combined with the Cat toilet DEAN. The special fibres on the soft surface of the carpet keeps your cat’s paws clean and catches litter when your cat leaves the toilet. DAISY dries quickly in case of a little accident. This helps to keep the area around the toilet cleaner for longer.


DAISY is available in two colors!


Washable at 40°C.

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Keep your cat litter clean for longer with the amazing DYLAN poop scoop. The DYLAN scoop is a big & extra sturdy scoop made of metal.


DYLAN is equipped with an ergonomic handle, made of FSC-certified beech wood.


Thanks to the coarse filter structure, the litter simply falls back into the tray. The rounded corners also make it easy to scoop. DYLAN is the most efficient poop scoop you will ever use!


DYLAN is also easy to clean which saves you time. 

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DEVIN is unscented cat litter which provides the best cat litter your cat has ever used. Cats have lived and evolved in a desert-like climate for thousands of years so they prefer a non-scented, fine litter, that is soft for their sensitive paws. For you as the care taker, DEVIN cat litter is easy and economical to use because this natural clay is highly absorbent and clumps very quickly. This 100% white bentonite litter provides almost no dust, as a result your cat’s paws and your floor stay dry and clean. Your cats will love it!


An optimal litter tray is the key to clean and happy cats.
One cat needs at least two litter trays because they like to do their small and large business in different places.

A large round cat toilet DEAN, open at the top, and filled with a fine,
clumping and dust-free cat litter DEVIN with no odours provides the perfect place.

A DAISY mat specially shaped to be combined with DEAN to retain the granules
and a large metal shovel DYLAN complete the package.